KPK Board Matric Result 2023 By Roll Number Check Here

Typically, the Matriculation Result is released simultaneously by each of KPK’s eight educational boards on the same day, however, this is not always the case. Some Boards announced Matric results on one day while others did so on a different date last year owing to scheduling conflicts. The KPK Board Matric Result 2023 is expected to be released simultaneously this time around. No matter what the day is, the Result announcement time is always in the morning at 10:00.If you are curious about KPK Board Matric Result 2023 By Roll Number Check Here as it is going to be announced on 13 Aug 2023.

SSC Result 2023 KPK Board 2023

The KPK Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has announced the day when online results will be released for all students who sat for the 9th grade yearly exams and are currently awaiting official results. Typically, the online results from these boards take between two and three months to be prepared. Students should hold off on making any plans until the school makes an official statement. If there are any updates about the announcement of the results, we will post them here. Board has officially announced the 13 Aug date for matriculation results. Check KPK Board Matric Result 2023 here.

Result of 9th Class KPK Board 2023

Dates for the release of the ninth, as well as, tenth-grade KPK results have been announced and will not be moved. In other words, The KPK board is responsible for various provinces, including Peshawar, Mardan, etc. KPK students are among the most diligent, hardworking, as well as,  visionary in the nation, and their efforts have consistently paid off with impressive academic performance. In short,  Our announcement about the KPK Board Matric Result 2023 of the actual result date brings much-needed comfort to the anxious, s well as, awaiting students who have been waiting for it. The KPK Board site receives a lot of traffic, however, the results will also be posted here for easier access. Check out the article below to get your result. Don’t forget to check KPK Board Matric Result 2023.

Kpk Board Result 2023 Class 10

Looking for KPK Board Matric Result 2023? It is expected that each board in KPK will undoubtedly release its 10th-grade and 9th-grade results on the same day. The KPK Matric class is a very essential examination for a student’s academic future. The outcome of this exam is supposed to be life-changing. It is a common misunderstanding, but we prefer not to go into the specifics. Similarly, KPK Board Matric Result 2023 will be announced on 13 Aug 2023.

Kpk Board Result 2023 Class 9

Furthermore, All KPK Boards are going to announce the Matriculation result soon as their checking is under process. The best way to find your result is via this online website. Simply write your roll no in the given search bar and click to Get Result, as well as, you will get complete details about KPK Board Matric Result 2023.

Kpk Board Result 2023 Class 10 Date

Matriculating students may find detailed information about their yearly exam results on this website. After being released by the Peshawar Board, the 10th-grade results for all KPK boards are posted here so that students have easy access to the information. The names of the top students in the matric class of the KPK Boards are announced together with the results according to a predetermined schedule. Comparatively, it is easier to check KPK Board Matric Result 2023 on one page rather than on multiple pages.

Peshawar Board Result 2023 Class 10th Date

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Peshawar administers the yearly matriculation examinations for students enrolled in schools under its jurisdiction or area. SSC results from BISE Peshawar are released to students three to four months after the yearly exams. After the yearly examinations are over, the BISE PeshawarHSSC result is compiled, and the Peshawar Board’s 10th-grade result is double-checked. The results might be revealed on August 13, 2023. Check the result by hitting the following link.


Peshawar Board Result 2023 Class 10th Online By Roll Number

We have to explain why the BISE P hasn’t released the SSC part 2 results yet but the date of 13 Aug 2023 has been announced. If you can’t wait for the results to be announced, this isn’t the answer. According to estimates, BISEP is now listing, as well as, verifying BISE Part 2 results. Keep praying and resting easy knowing that you have reasonable hopes for the SSC II outcome. You can check your result by clicking the link below. Similarly, You can also KPK Board Matric Result 2023 of all boards.


Peshawar Board Result 2023 Class 10th Online By Name

This website allows you to look for your result by name rather than roll number. You may also look for your score by name on this site. Don’t fret if you can’t recall your tenth-grade roll number. Your whole name may be used as a search criterion to find your results. In addition, it’s the most convenient and straightforward approach to verifying your online results. Since the outcome has not been made public at this time, pupils are not concerned about it. Every student who took the 10th-grade examinations will be informed as soon as the results are released. Check peshawar board result 2023 class 9th online by roll number here.


Peshawar Board Result 2023 Class 10th Online By Roll Number

The Board usually declares three new position holders each year. The Board gives out awards to the students who score the highest on each year’s round of MATRICULATION exams. One day before the release of the regularly scheduled results, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Peshawar will release the names of the top scorers. If you are lucky enough to be in the first three of bisep check the result below.


Peshawar Board Result 2023 SSC Online By Roll Number

Students have reason to celebrate today—the BISE Peshawar class result will soon be posted here. has published this piece to help you out. Students may check back here for the official announcement of their comprehensive Peshawar Board all class results and associated information like gazette etc. Right below this text, you’ll find a form where you can enter your roll number to see your class’s overall performance sorted by the roll. Together with, Students may also visit our site for helpful BISE Peshawar past papers examinations from previous years, as well as, can Check KPK Board Matric Result 2023 below.


D I Khan Board Result 2023 Check Online By Roll Number

Since the passage of the BISE NWFP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) rules, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Dera Ismail Khan (BISE DI Khan) has been in operation. Students from both the government and the private sector in the DI Khan area can take their matriculation and intermediate examinations via the board. Beginning in the month of March, students take their matriculation examinations from the Dera Ismail Khan Board, and in the month of April, they begin taking their intermediate exams. Bise DI Khan matriculation results in the months of July and August. Intermediate level DI Khan Board results are often released in the month of September. Tens of thousands of students take their matriculation and intermediate examinations via the DI Khan Board every year because of its reputation for providing a rigorous but fair curriculum. You can check your result by putting your roll number on the official website.

Www.Bisedik.Edu.Pk Result 2023 Online

Students and instructors are welcome to attend the BISE DI Khan class V & VIII result 2023 announcement event, which takes place at the end of March. BISE DI Khan’s fifth and eighth-grade results in 2023 are posted online with full updates, and the DI Khan board’s primary and middle school results in 2023 are published with grades and student standing. Now is the time for the Matriculation exam result. If you want to check the 9th or 10th class result just click the link below and get the online result.


D I Khan Board Result 2023 Matric

After the yearly results are posted for grades 9 and 10, in May and June EXAMS are held for grades 11 and 12, and the DI Khan board conducts practical exams after this. Thousands of regular and private students take part in BISE DI Khan’s annual and supply examinations for matriculation and intermediate levels since all schools and institutions in DI Khan are connected with DI Khan Board. On the day of the results, the Dera Ismail Khan board will reveal the names of the top ten matriculants and top ten intermediate students. Soon, you will be able to see comprehensive details on the 10th-grade results 2023 and the 12th-grade outcomes. Simply enter your roll number in the field provided below, and the corresponding class results will be displayed for your consideration. Additionally, Check KPK Boards Matric result 2023 on a single article.


D I Khan Board Result 2023 Class 10th

Information about the 10TH CLASS Exam: The official date for the 10th-grade result has been announced by the Bise D.I Khan Board. Those matriculating students who sat for the SSC Part 1 yearly examinations should know that the results will be released thIs month on 13 Aug. From this hub, you will get the official time and date. In May, students in these 10th class courses took their final examinations. The examination announcements are going to begin on Aug 13, 2023.

Bise D.I Khan 10th Result 2023 Check By Name

We have seen that once the board has announced the results, there is heavy traffic on the board’s official website. This is because there are just too many people trying to access the site at once for any student to be able to view or verify their results. For exam results to rise, it is necessary to invest in the intellectual and emotional development of both instructors and their most privileged students. We need to implement more changes to the educational system that will pave the way to success. Raising the level of education in our nation is a primary objective. The state of a country’s economy is directly influenced by its educational system. If you are such an intellectual student then check your exam result here.


D I Khan Board Result 2023 9th Class Check online

To those who are concerned about the BISE DI Khan matric result 2023, take comfort in knowing that result is going to announce. Each potential candidate can easily access all the data about the exam result they need via one central hub. The D.I. Khan Board result has been awaited by those who sat for the 9th grade or 10th-grade examinations. Please remember that in May of 2023, grade nine took their yearly examinations. The first day of testing was May 13th, 2023. We encourage our students to maintain their composure as they await the outcome. The 9th-grade bise D.I. Khan result is likely to be released in August of 2023.


Bise Dera Ismail Khan Result 10th Class Date

Dera Ismail Khan’s Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education was founded to improve teaching and learning conditions and provide equal access to high-quality education for all students. For the 9th and 10th grade yearly exams, hundreds of candidates show up every year, and that number only rises from year to year, making it more difficult for the DI Khan Board to keep track of everyone. On August 13, 2023, the resulting outcome/ exam result will be published on the main page.

Bise Dikhan Ssc Result 10th 2023

You’ve come to the correct site if you, too, are curious about your own exam score. On this page, you can look for your Di Khan Board 10th Class Result 2023 by name and roll number. That’s why you need to double-check everything associated with the end product. Students can now see their test results online, whether they took a normal or make-up exam. You can check your Bise Di Khan 10th Class Result 2023 on our reliable website. Check online results by following the method.

  1. Go to the official website of
  2. Click on the result.
  3. Enter your roll number
  4. Get result


Bise D I Khan Hssc Result 2023 Date

The association of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Dera Ismail Khan has notified that students can access and download information on their Matriculation and intermediate examination results by going online. Exams for Intermediate (Inter) Levels 1 and 2 were held in May 2023 by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Dera Ismail. It was revealed on the 13th of August, 2023, thus students can now verify their Matric results using their roll numbers. However, unlike inter-part 2 examinations, inter-part 1 exams did not include any practicals. BISE DI Khan Board Inter Result 2023 announcements and grievances are now being processed by the Dera Ismail Khan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

Kohat Board Result 2023 Check Here

The Kohat Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is responsible for administering high school graduation examinations to students in both public and private institutions. In February, students get their test schedules and roll number slips from BISE Kohat, and in March, students take their SSC examinations. After the exams, Kohat Board sends the students’ answer sheets over to the board’s senior instructors for grading. Students in Kohat can check their BISE Kohat 10th class results here after hearing them declared in the auditorium. To make the announcement in front of all of the instructors and candidates, the board invites them to its main hall.


Kohat Board Matric Result 2023 Date Announced

BISE Kohat Board 10th Class Result 2023 will be released on August 13, 2023, and students can check their Matriculation results using either their name or roll number. Easy result verification is available here. Once the BISE Kohat Board SSC Part 2 Result 2023 is made public, you will be able to see it on this page. We all know that this is a very challenging stage for students. This course requires a great deal of effort on the part of the student since success in this area depends not only on passing the course but also on achieving high marks. Since this is not a trivial step, everyone is motivated to do well on the test. You need to get ready in kind. For the BISE Kohat Board Matric 10th Class Result 2023, scroll down.

Kohat Board Result 2023 9th 10th Class

There are a number of ways for students to get their bise Kohat 10th class result 2023. The vast majority of pupils do not know how to verify their own work. To help them out, we’ve laid down the requirements for them below. For comprehensive instructions, look no further than this page. Methods for Verifying Outcomes are via Roll Number, Name, SMS, and Gazette.


Kohat Board Result 2023 Check By Name And Roll Number

Board’s matriculation exam results for the year 2021 were released on September 22. Any student who has come to this website in search of their results will find the link to their exam results just where it says it will be. The press and newspaper announcement states that the matriculation exam results will be released on August 13, 2023. The top students will be honored by the appropriate authorities. Good luck with the result, we hope it’s beneficial to you.

Kohat Board Result 2023 Fsc Result

Students are expected to complete a number of tasks on time as part of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education’s (BISE) curriculum. When it comes to education, Kohat is at the top of its game in the Kohat area. Most of Kohat’s students are being educated via a network of schools. School-wise Result 10th class 2023 BISE Kohat Board is now available, as the yearly result for the 10th grade was just released in the last few hours by the Board of intermediate and secondary education, Kohat. Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education Kohat is Pakistan’s most diligent board; early on, it struggled to fulfill its mandate. Candidates are encouraged to examine results district-wise online of the 10th class 2023 of Kohat Board at this time as the results have been issued by the Board of intermediate and secondary education, Kohat.


Kohat Board Result 2023 Class 10th Check Online

No student would be promoted without examination, as stated by the BISE Kohat education minister prior to the start of exams; exams were administered by all boards using the smart syllabus; however, the promotion policy still applies in the 2023 BISE Kohat 10th class examinations, with BISE Kohat being responsible for grading practical marks of students. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Kohat is the place to go if you have any concerns or questions about the promotion procedure.


Kohat Board Official Website Result

BISE Kohat’s 10th-grade results in 2023 might be postponed because of COVID-19. Agencies from the government are working around the clock to ensure the business is normal. Recent outbreaks of coronavirus have interfered with testing procedures in Pakistan. Based on an examination of the BISE Kohat Board’s 10th-grade results from previous years, we know that the announcement of the result often takes place in the month of October.

Kohat Board Official Website Result

Kohat Board Result 2020 10th Class Check

If you need the BISE Matric Class Results 2023 or the BISE 10th Class Results 2023, you’ve come to the right place. How long it took for the BISE 10th Class Results 2023 to be released is detailed below. In any case, before we find out the outcome. BISE Kohat is the name of the board that administers the annual IXth grade examination in which millions of students from all across Pakistan take part every August. Currently, millions of students all around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of their BISE 10th Class Result 2023 from BISE Kohat.


Kohat Board Result 2023 Check By Name

Kohat Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 1 and SSC 2 test takers must be aching to learn their yearly exam results. Students 10 Class Result 2023 Kohat Board performance is crucial since it will determine their admission and academic standing at higher education institutions. We get that, and we work hard to compile as much reliable data as possible and provide it here on this site for your convenience. All of the content on this page and the rest of the website is freely available to any person on Earth. The BISE Kohat 10th Grade Exam Results are also available on this page (as soon as the result gets announced). It is expected that the Kohat Board 10 Class Result would be released in the middle of the month of August. Check your result just by simply putting your name, and father’s name and hitting the get result button.


Kohat Board Result 2023 Class 9

The BISE Kohat board normally holds the SSC part 2 tests in May, however this year they were ordered to postpone it until 1st July 2019. Because of their prompt actions and the help of the government, BISE Kohat encountered no difficulties during these months and is now diligently preparing for the announcement of the 10th class results, which is expected around August 2020 after the validity and authenticity of the answer sheets have been verified. Check the result by following the link on the official BISE Kohat website.


How To Check Kohat Board Result On Sms

On this site, you may look up the 10th-grade averages for any school in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Watch this page to see how each board did. It is unknown how long it will be until BISE Kohat releases the final test results. You can also check your exam result just by sending your roll number to 9818. 

Kohat Board Result 2023 Check By Name Online

In addition to students in Kohat, students from other districts that fall under BISE Kohat’s area will be able to see their board results on our site. The Kohat Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education ninth-grade exam results will soon be available here. The roll number you were given will serve as your key to seeing your score. Before the annual test, the BISE Kohat Board will provide you with a roll number that you can use to verify your result when the result has been released. If you have appeared in exams and still waiting for results you can hit the following link to get your exam result.


Bise Kohat Result 2023

The results of the 10th grade yearly examinations administered by the BISE Kohat Board will be made public soon. Here you can find the BISE 10th Class Result 2023 and Matric Class Scorecard for all of the students who took the 10th-grade annual examinations. Within two to three months of the conclusion of the matriculation examinations, the BISE Kohat releases the results. The timing of the release of the BISE Kohat tenth-grade results is the subject of this article. BISE Kohat has published the day when BISE Matric Results 2023 would be made available on their official website. For the BISE Board 10th Class Result 2023, see this page and click the link below.


Bise Kohat Result 2023 Class 11

The BISE Kohat Board matric result 2023 will be released in three different formats. The same information is available to all schoolchildren in Kohat State through a short message service (SMS), online resources, and a gazette. The admissions process to universities is heavily weighted on how well students do on the Kohat Board matric Result 2023. Wait until Kohat Board announces the result for HSSC Part 1 and HSSC Part 2 results.

Kohat Board Class 9th

Students who have been waiting for their Kohat Board SSC Supple / Special Exam Result 2023 may now do so. Find out how you did on the Bise Kohat Board’s 10th Grade Special Exam in 2023. Matriculation Supplemental Exam Results 2023 for Bise Kohat. So, check out the Kohat Board result if you are a 9th-class student by clicking the link below.


Malakand Board Result 2023 9th Class By Name

As a result of the hard work of the Malakand Board examination authority, which received application forms and then created the 9th class exams schedule with complete information and roll number slips class 9th BISE Malakand, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Malakand has concluded its ninth-grade examinations. Malakand Board 9th graders, as well as pupils from the rest of KPK province, may now see the result for the year 2023. In addition, we will be posting the Malakand Board 9th grade result gazette in numerical order here on our site, so be sure to check back often. In addition, we have updated our website to incorporate past papers from the Malakand Board for students in grade 9.


Malakand Board Result 2023 9th Class Roll Number

The Malakand Board’s official website,, will host all exam results. You can, however, find out when BISE Malakand will reveal the 9th-grade exam results in August of 2023. In order to see one’s Malakand Board 9th, 10th Class Result, one needs just input one’s name rather than one’s roll number if one has forgotten one’s roll number. In addition to announcing the result, this board will also reveal the authority structure the day before the count is taken. The learner may also peruse the names of those who scored the highest on the Malakand Board.


Bise Malakand Result 2023 By Roll Number

A large number of students have taken the 9th-grade test, submitted their papers to the board administration, and are now waiting for their results before continuing their education. Due to the significance of this decision for the students’ futures, the board administrator has promised to provide the results somewhere between the final week of August for matric students and the final week of September 2023 for Intermediate students. In addition, we will post the outcome here as soon as it is made public.

Bise Malakand Result By Roll Number 2023

The 9th-grade bise Malakand result 2023 may be checked quickly and easily with only the roll number. The procedure may be used by ninth graders following finals. Students who are unfamiliar with the process may learn more here.

  1. As a first step, you should check out, the Malakand Board’s official website.
  2. Make your selection under “Overall Results” in the menu.
  3. Make your selection in “2023.” Result
  4. Select your Class
  5. Don’t forget to fill out the correct roll number box.
  6. Get Results


Www.Bise Malakand.Edu.Pk Result

Everyone at BISE Malakand Board who has been waiting for their Matric/Intermediate supplemental exam results. The 9th grade Malakand board exam results for 2023 have been released, and you can see them here. To get your 9th-grade board exam results from Malakand in 2023, enter your roll number below. Check The 9th Grade Result 2023 Date will be released by BISE Malakand.


Malakand Board Result 2023 11th Class By Roll Number

Any students who have been searching the web in vain for the BISE 11th Class Results 2023 may stop what they’re doing and give this piece a quick read.

You can get the BISE Malakand 9th Result, score card, and mark sheet pdf for the 9th Exam 2023 at on this website. Greetings, aspirant This page contains the most up-to-date details on the ninth Result from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Malakand.

Bise Malakand Improvement Result 2023

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Malakand Board began operations in 2003. The board was established to serve as a neutral governing body for the region. In this release, we are establishing benchmarks and midpoint assessments. The board of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is seen as being ambiguous. And an evaluation of the attitudes of the affiliated educational institutions. You can check out your improvement results here.


Bise Malakand Result 2023 By Roll Number Check Here

This website is providing this for the student’s convenience. Exams for the matric class are almost completed, and the Malakand Board will soon begin grading the papers via the government school’s most senior teachers. Within three to four months, they release Malakand Board SSC-II results. View your BISE Malakand Result 2023 by Roll Number here.

Dmc Bise Malakand 2023 Result Ceremony

A formal event is conducted in the Board’s main Auditorium the day before the annual outcome. In this ceremony, the position holders are awarded prizes. The name and other information about the current occupants of these positions will be posted here. The day before the actual outcome, you can see this If you are a topper, Board will appreciate you in its own way Check the Topper’s result here.


Bise Malakand Result 2023 9th

The Malakand board’s 9th grade SSC Part 1 (Ninth Matric) results for regular and private students will be posted online at upon official release. Following registration, the BISE Malakand Board determines the test date and sends out roll numbers and admission cards to all eligible students. In Pakistan, many people turn to the website when they need information about their academic options online. Detailed 20202 statistics are available here.


Bise Malakand Ssc Result 2023 By Roll Number

Despite widespread underestimation, the BISE Malakand board is determined to prove its critics wrong. After the tests, the students have great hopes and aspirations. While the outcomes of your actions may be unknown, you can be certain that inaction will produce no change. Every student should give their all in every assignment, but not stress about the grade. Just keep scrolling and hit the following link to get the result of SSC by roll number.

  1. Firstly, Follow this method to check your result.
  2. Secondly, Visit the Official website of the Board.
  3. Thirdly, Hit The result tab.
  4. Fourthly, Enter your roll number and class.
  5. Fifthly, Choose the year.
  6. Sixthly, Get result


Bise Bannu Result 2023 Check Online

The yearly matriculation and intermediate examinations are managed by the Bannu board of intermediate and secondary education, which is an independent organization. BISE Bannu is the governing body for a number of schools in the region, both public and private. If your board is Bannu Board then you can check your result here.


Bannu Board Result 2023 9th Roll Number

We also provide full guidance on how to get the BISE Bannu Board Matriculation Result 2023. Be aware, students, that the Bannu Board’s official website is the only place where the results will be made public. Students use the Bannu Board’s official webpage for this purpose. Students may see their results after entering their roll number and name into the provided search field. But if you have any trouble discovering the results on time, you should get in touch with the board authorities. Additionally, we will keep meeting until a final decision is reached. You can comment to us and we will resolve the problem about your issue. If you want to check your result via roll number, click the link below.


Bise Bannu Result 2023 Date Announcement

Have you reached the Intermediate level? If you are in search of your Bise Bannu Board First and Second Year Result 2023, you have found the perfect place! Here, you can check your online Bannu Board FA FSC Result 2023. The website allows students to look up their results either by entering their roll number or by entering their full name. Many Pakistani secondary school students take their Intermediate exams via Bannu Board since it is one of the largest boards in the country. BISE BANNU will release the result on 13 Aug, 2023.

Www.Biseb.Edu.Pk Result 2023 Portal

Greetings, Candidates’ latest updates on the BISE Bannu Intermediate Second Year Result can be found here. Please read on to learn all you need to know about the BISE 12th Class Results 2023. BISE Bannu Intermediate Second Year Results Where to Find? The BISE Bannu 12th Class Results from 2023 download link and instructions can be found at the bottom of this paragraph for those students who have read this far and are interested in accessing their results. So, everyone may get their test results by following the simple instructions provided below.


Bannu Board Result 2023 Class 10th

Students often participate in tests and exams and patiently await their scores. Certificates are awarded to students who performed well on the 9th and 10th-grade exams via the BISE Bannu and HSSC Part 2 Result 2023 – Bannu 2nd Year FA/FSC Result. Each year, the Board administers tests in the traditional, nontraditional, and arts fields. After the exam date has been set, the board will issue roll numbers and admission cards to all enrolled students. Once it has been made public, you will be able to get your BISE Bannu SSC Part 2 Result 2023 – Bannu 2nd Year FA/FSC Result here on our website.

How to Check Bannu Board Result on SMS?

Also, you can check your Bannu Board Result by SMS. Hereon so Don’t Forget to add in your bookmark to stay tuned with us. For checking your Bannu Board Result you have to enter Your roll number slip in your text and send it to  800296. You will receive a message of your Bannu Board Result.



Bise Bannu Result 2023 2nd Year Date

The announcement of the BISE Bannu Board second-year results 2023 will be made in the month of September. FA/FSc part 2 annual examinations 2023 are managed by BISE Bannu and are held in the first or second week of May 2023. Bannu Board 12th class / Inter part 2 2023 result has begun by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Bannu. The results of the HSSC/Intermediate Part 2 yearly examinations will be released by the BISE Bannu Board in the first or second week of September 2023. Stay updated and keep visiting our website.


Bise Bannu Result 2023 1st Year Date

The Bannu 12th and 11th-grade result is expected to be released by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Bannu in the month of September 2023. When it comes to administering board examinations and announcing the 12th class result of 2023, BISE Bannu has always been a frontrunner. According to the BISE Bannu timetable, the 12th result would be made public in the year 2023. Students who have yet to get their 12th-grade results should begin studying for their upcoming challenges in university admission.

Bise Bannu Result 2023 Matric Class

The government of KPK has suggested many boards of education, including the board of intermediate and secondary education (BISE) Bannu. The Bannu Board of Education was set up in 1990 to help with the lack of educational resources in some regions. Bannu, Lakki Marwat, North Waziristan, and South Waziristan are the localities chosen for the Bannu board of education. So if you live in these areas you should visit the Bannu board website for result updates. Click the link below to get your result.


Bise Kpk Bannu Result 2023 Check Online

There are a lot of students affiliated with the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Bannu who are taking their second-year class examinations this year. They submitted the form in person at the board in accordance with BISE Bannu’s guidelines, Having finished their Bannu board examinations, all stud second-years at this point are eager to know their second-year class result 2023 from the Bannu Board. The easiest possible dissemination of the comprehensive Bannu Board result 2023 for second-year students is one of our top priorities.


Bise Bannu Result 2023 By Name And Roll Number

Those looking for the Bannu Board 12th Class Result for the second year in a row in 2023 will find the announcement here. As students anxiously await their results now that they are free from examinations, they need not fret: the Intermediate Result will be released by the BISE Bannu Board by the end of August or the beginning of September. After waiting longer than usual in years past, the Bannu Board plans to release this year’s findings immediately. After an early release of the Matriculation results, the Bannu Board is expected to release the Intermediate Results in the coming days. The Board typically administers its yearly examinations in the months of March and April. The BISE Bannu Board Intermediate Result, 2023, will be released in August of that year, according to the official website.

Bannu Board Result 2023 Class 10 Toppers

Since the BISE Bannu board often announces the names of outstanding students four to five hours before the full result of inter, the result of position holders will be available online before the full result of inter. Students have just finished their inter-final term examinations and are now waiting for the final results of inter, which will be available for download through roll number from the board of intermediate and secondary education Bannu authority once it has been announced.


Bise Bannu Gazette Result 2023

The Bannu Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education was established in 1990. The next year, the first tests were held as a result of it. Over time, it has grown in stature and effectiveness to become a crucial part of KPK’s governing body. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Bannu is in charge of education in the provinces of Bannu, Tank, Lakki Marwat, South Waziristan, and North Waziristan. The BISE is responsible for administering the SSC and HSSC tests in these disciplines.


Mardan Board Result 2023 Class 10th Online By Roll Number

Here you can check your Mardan Board 10th Class Result 2023 by entering your roll number or by entering your full name. Just let everybody know who tried to take the Mardan board’s matriculation test in June that their results will be available on this website. To go on to the following grade, it is essential that your students pass these exams. The importance of the BISE Mardan SSC Part 2 Result 2023 cannot be overstated. The Mardan board 10th class result 2023 may be seen here right now. To review your results, please go to the bottom of this paragraph and hit this link to know your marks.


Mardan Board Result 2023 By Roll Number And Name

The results are always posted on the Mardan Board of Education’s website. The link below will take you to the Mardan Board’s official website. You may either enter a name or a roll number to get the final EXAM marks. However, you should contact the officials or authorities of the Mardan Board of Education if you have any trouble verifying the result at the time of the result announcement.


Mardan Board Result 2023 Class 10 Check Online

Matric Candidates for the SSC Annual Exam 2023, both public and private, are now awaiting their results. Staff at the Mardan board are now compiling the final tally sheets and verifying for mistakes in the Matric 2023 results. The results for the 10th-grade examination administered by the BISE Mardan Board in 2023 will be posted at today. Bise Mardan inBoard 10th Class Result 2023 Available for Free Online Checking. See whether you scored in the top two spots in the matric class of bise on the Mardan board in 2023.


Mardan Board Result 2023 Class 9 By Name

In KPK Province, the Mardan Board (of Intermediate and Secondary Education) is often regarded as the most effective governing body for education. The board administers yearly examinations to Matric and Intermediate students. If a student fails a topic by more than 33 percent, the Mardan board will administer a second annual exam. The results for the 10th and 12th Grade Special Exam 2023, which were also administered by the board this year, have been released.

Mardan Board Result 2023 Bisem

Once the results are in, students will have a better idea of where they stand academically and where they can go from there. They will also have a better idea of when they can expect to hear the news that the Mardan Board 10th Class Result 2023 Check Online has been posted online so that they can begin preparing for the next level of their education.


Mardan Board Result 2023 9th Class

Matriculation (or “Secondary School”) examinations are administered in two streams, Science and Arts, with results for both levels expected in 2023. The Science sections administer the practical exam, which is taken following the theoretical tests. However, they do not provide a distinct, useful topic inside the Arts category. The Mardan board initiates its duties under the direction of the Khyber Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. It once interacted with the Peshawar board but now functions independently.


Mardan Board Result 2023 SSC Part 1 And 2

If you were unable to find your yearly exam board results on the BISE website, they are provided here (roll no. name, names, father’s name mark, class). The downloadable results file may be found on the board or course website. Just in case you can’t seem to track it down here. Directly at by entering a Name and Roll Number, by SMS Result Alert, via Gazette’s file download option, and on the board’s website are the four options to get results.


Bise Swat Result 2023 9th Class By Name

The most recent update from Swat Board is the release of the 10th Grade 2023 Final Result. This notice states that the results will be released within a month and a half following the last day of final exams. The Swat Board’s final decisions will be released on September 19th, 2023. For the 2023-23 school year, we’d want to provide students the option of taking exams in their optional subjects, and we’d also like to streamline the content covered in those electives. We have been in contact with the Ministry of Education and will soon be able to provide students with a firm date for when they may expect to get their BISE Swat Board 10th Class Result 2023.


Bise Swat Result 2023 Matric Class By Roll Number

Bise Sawat’s tenth annual Matriculation Exam Results were released in August of 2023. Results for the 2023 Annual Exam for the Second Year of the S.S.C. in the Science Field. Science Group 10th Grade Result for Bise Saidu Sharif 2023. Verify your matriculation status with the Bise Swat Board Annual Examination 2023 results, available for free viewing online. This includes the Swat Board Intermediate Result 2021. BISE SWAT Hall in Swat served as the venue for the Result Announcement Ceremony. So, check all the results here.


Bise Swat Result 2023 10th Science Group

The Matriculation SSC Part 1 and Part 2 9th and 10th Class results are scheduled to be released by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Swat, on August 13, 2023. Although other KPK boards have already released their Matriculation results today, the official Bise Swat Board results won’t be available until 13 August 2023 at 4:00 p.m. Pakistan Standard Time (PST) owing to technical difficulties.


Bise Swat Result By Name Search

How to check your BISE Swat Board 10th Class Result 2023 is a process that can be completed in a few easy steps. Simply input your roll number, choose SSC / Matric as your class, and click the check result button on the website to get your BISE Swat Board 10th Class Result 2023. As a consequence, Bise swat board matric result 2023 will be made available to you. The BISE Swat Matric Result 2023 is available for download.


Bise Swat Result 2023 1st Year Date

A top board in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, BISE Swat Board is a great place to get your education. Though not the only board in the region, BISE Swat stands out for its innovative approach to coordinating formal education throughout the province’s many districts. Both District Swat and District Saidu Sharif are under the jurisdiction of this school board. Students in these areas will soon hear the news of the release of their Matric Result 2023 from the Swat Board. Experts in academic and organizational tasks are available there. The Board also organizes extracurricular activities and inter-Board competitions for students at partner institutions. At the same time, get information about KPK Board Matric Result 2023.


Bise Swat Online Portal Check Result

The yearly test is administered and results are announced by the Swat Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, one of the most prominent educational institutions in the province of KPK. Thousands of students signed up to take the BISE swat examinations and are now awaiting the swat board result, which will be released by the board’s officials. Above all, here on this page, you can check KPK Board Matric Result 2023.


Swat Board Result 2023 Class 10th Online By Roll Number

Moreover, the Swat Board must fulfill its statutory obligation to administer yearly 9th grade exams. Students were able to access the 9th grade Swat Board test timetable and roll number slips on the Internet. Hundreds of students from both private and public schools apply to BISE Swat every year. Even though it may seem daunting, we have compiled a complete collection in which the 9th class result 2023 Swat Board is presented roll number by roll number. Curious students should check our website for the latest findings. We also provide students with access to previous papers from class 9 at BISE Swat. KPK Board Matric Result 2023 Has been released.


Www.Bisess.Edu.Pk Result 2023 Online Result Portal

One of the most prominent KPK boards, the Swat board of intermediate and secondary education is responsible for administering exams. It also publishes the results of those examinations each year. There were a lot of students who signed up to take the BISE Swat examinations and now they’re all waiting for the board to release the Swat board results.

  1. Firstly, navigate to the BISE Swat website given below.
  2. Secondly, look and hit the RESULT Tab.
  3. Thirdly, a result checking option will appear; choose it.
  4. Finally, the 10th and 12th Grade Results have been uploaded and will be shown in a short period.


Biseatd.Edu.Pk SscSSC Result 2023

The results for Abbottabad Board’s ninth-grade SSC Part 1 course are expected to be released in August 2023. The SSC Part 1 annual test results for 2023 will be posted online by BISE Abbottabad, and students will be able to see their results from anywhere with an internet connection. Abbottabad Board SSC Part 1 results for the year 2023 may be found on this page. During the month of December 2023, the Abbottabad Board ( will release the results of the ninth-grade supplementary examinations. Those who did not pass the BISE Abbottabad Class 9 yearly test in 2023 will be eligible to take the Matric Part 1 Supply Exams.


Bise Abbottabad Result 2023 By Roll Number Check Online

So, BISE Abbottabad’s tenth-grade exam results 2021 will be released in the summer of that year, in June. The March exams were administered by BISE Abbottabad. The first day of exams was March 1 and the last day was March 16. The most up-to-current information indicates that the board has scheduled the date of the results 13 Aug 2023. Altough, all KPK Board Matric Result 2023 are also going to announce on same date.


Bise Abbottabad Result By Name 2023 Check Here

The Abbottabad Board administers the annual Matriculation and Intermediate Examinations. The Board in Abbottabad. Examine your BISE Abbottabad matriculation results 2023 now! Find your online 9th and 10th-grade results from BISE Bannu right here. Districts like Haripur, Haripur, Mansehra, and Mansehra all fall under the jurisdiction of the Abbottabad board, which is a large board. Besides, the Abbottabad board this post will help you to find all KPK Board Matric Result 2023.


Www.Biseatd.Edu.Pk Result 2023 Online Portal

When it comes to Pakistan’s education system, the BISE Abbottabad board stands out as a standout institution with a fully transparent approach to test administration. The Intermediate level examinations for subjects including Commerce, Science, Arts, General Science, as well as, Computer Science are administered by BISE Abbottabad. Registration of regular and private applicants, distribution of roll number slips to registered candidates. It also administrates the examination venues near the schools as well as, colleges. It conducts the tests on the schedule is the other primary task.


Www.Biseatd.Edu.Pk Result 2023 Check Here

So, The dates for the March 2023 annual exams for students in grades nine and ten will be made available by the Abbottabad board in February. Initially, under the administrative responsibility of the Peshawar board, the board later broke off and established its own authority. Also, Earlier this year, the board announced that the BISE Abbottabad Board’s 9th Grade Results 2023 will be made public in the following three months. Comment below if this post helped you in searching KPK Board Matric Result 2023.



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