Induction Program Phase 2 and 3 Result 2023 KPK ESE

KPK Induction Program (ESED) 2023 Program Phase-II and III for SST(G), SST(Bio/Chm), SST(Math/Phy), AT, PET, TT, Qari, Qaria and PST check online from this page. Candidates who are waiting for the Result 2023 Program of Phase 2 and 3 date. We are pleased to inform you that the Induction Program’s Phase 3 Results 2023 KPESE was released. Please visit to log in to your Induction Program account. How to check Induction Program Phase 3 Result 2023 KPESE? So, visit the link to check Results online

PST Results – DCTE – KPESE

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Elementary and Secondary Education Department (E&SED) has created a groundbreaking induction Program for all newly employed teachers in English, mathematics, and science and mathematics (IP).

Induction Program Phase 3 Result 2023

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Applicants must submit an application to the Punjab Residency Program (PRP) | Central Induction Policy in order to be considered for an appointment to live in the Govt. Institutes of Punjab (CIP). The KPK Early School Entry Program (ESED) 2023. The first steps toward incorporating a vital community of practise into the university’s teacher induction programme in Southern California are outlined in this chapter.

Induction Program Phase 2 Result 2023 KPESE

(Well before September 2023 induction, the primary portal for the KPK Induction Program (ESED 2023) was http://prp. Beginning critical educators in this case study collaborated to solve an issue in their classroom by drawing on and using relevant theories. Customized educational management software is used to oversee the professional development of educators over the course of at least six months, including the provision of course materials in the targeted areas of study and the monitoring of students’ progress in those areas. Result Phase 3 Program Login

The Induction 2023 Result has been posted on By entering both a name and a roll number, you may view your Phase 2 Induction Programme Results for 2023 online. CNIC is another option for confirming the final Result.


This innovative program was developed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) Elementary and Secondary Education Department (E&SED). The application process is entirely electronic; interested parties can submit their materials via any number of websites, including (but not limited to) http://prp. pdf. GOP. pk(or) in PRP.

induction program phase 3 2023

By entering both a name and a roll number, you can check your Induction Program Phase 3 Results for the year 2023 online. Similarly, CNIC could be used to verify the result.

An induction program’s role is to enable the transition of new employees into their positions within a company, business, or company. Make a checklist of all the paperwork and information that new hires should get on their first day of work to guarantee a smooth induction process.

Induction Program kpk phase 3

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s public school educators conceived and programmed this tool. This program has a high content installation need, needing between 16 and 18 Gb to run properly. The app is pre-installed on teachers’ tablets. District Education Officers are the go-to people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) for purchasing tablets for new teachers (DEOs).

Induction Result online

Induction refers to the transition from a preservice teacher to a full-time classroom teacher. The field of teacher education is increasingly adopting this approach to professional development for instructors. PST, SST, PET, and CT teachers working for the company between 2019 and 2023 have recommended that the company invest in tablets so that its new hires can complete the mandatory nine-month induction training programme. Those who desire to share the application with others may need to provide extra data in order to utilise the programme after downloading it.

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Seat Distribution

Particularly, international students A total of five points will honor to a candidate who has successfully complete all three NEB phases on their first try. Teacher induction has not yet commenced formally in Nepal, which is still a developing country. The KPK Early School Entry Program (ESED) 2023. The purpose of this research is to look at where teacher training is going and why it’s so crucial. The study employed descriptive analysis as its methodology and relied on secondary sources for its evidence.

Merit Criteria

(For details, please review our policy here. January’s webpage screenshot. Secondary sources include scholarly literature, such as scholarly articles and previously conducted studies, as well as other publications with a generally accepted level of quality. The KPK Early School Entry Program (ESED) 2023. Secondary Healthcare Level (Introduction in 2023): 1 Point (3 Months) (up to 5 years of age counted).

Induction Program Ct Result 2023

New teachers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) are encouraged by the provincial government to get tablets from DEOs in their respective districts by the end of February.

Induction Program Kpk Phase 3 Result

It has instructed its PST, SST, PET, and CT teachers hired between 2019 and 2023 to buy the tablets needed to complete the nine-month Teachers’ Induction Training Program. Others who want to download the application can need supplementary materials in order to use the software.

induction program phase 2 result

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Induction Program Kpk 2023 Result

The Education Department has instructed teachers to speak with their DEOs about the tablet requirements, and DEOs have been informed that a portion of the cost would be repaid upon proof of receipt.