ETEA DC Roll No Slip 2023 Download

Staff in all ETEA DC are required to submit a Roll No. Slip for S/Test for Rectt: of Employees. It’s been decided to upload the DC-Lower Chitral and the following: DC-SHANGRILA, DC-MARDAN, DC-BATTAGRAM, and DC-LAKKI MARWAT. The date of the ETEA Written Test is 03-07-2023. This page has the roll no slip 2023  Official which you may download. ETEA DC Roll No Slip 2023 can download by following these instructions. Instead, you can input your name or CNIC without the dashes.

ETEA DC Roll No Slip Download Online

The ETEA roll no slip includes the candidate’s roll number, name, father’s name, test date, test location, and address. To apply for the job of Deputy Commissioner, candidates should visit the ETEA website which is included below, and print out a copy of their ETEA roll number slip. The list of candidates who were rejected due to different issues is also posted by ETEA. Candidates must resolve any difficulties they have before the deadline and then submit their assignments. ETEA exam dates, times, and locations are available here, as well as the official answer key and a list of people who successfully completed the exam.

ETEA Test date 2023

Candidates are notified of test dates by ETEA examiners, who collect forms from approved applicants. Candidates needed to bring their printed roll number slips to the test, which will appear on the mentions date.

Candidate Roll No Slips

Qualified candidates can access their roll number slips on the ETEA website, which can find here. Visitors to the ETEA website must provide their CNIC number and application ID to get their roll number slips.

ETEA Test Syllabus and Past papers pdf Download

For those candidates who have successfully downloaded their roll number slip, ETEA also will conduct a written test. ETEA will release the written test results for the class of 2023 on its website later today. You don’t need to waste your time looking through results and merit lists. There is a single page with all of the information on DC jobs in 2023.

How can I download ETEA roll no slip?

Candidates for Deputy Commissioner posts have to be citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and have the required education and experience to qualify. In order to get a roll number slip for the written test, you need to apply before the deadline and meet the eligibility requirements.

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2023

The official Deputy Commissioner DC ETEA jobs 2023 roll number slip is required for the test since it contains all of the important information. A link to the ETEA roll number slips for the Deputy Commissioner DC positions 2023 ETEA are provided below for all qualifying applicants to use.

ETEA Test Syllabus and Past papers pdf Download

District Roll No Slip
DC-Lower Chitral Roll No Slip Download
DC-SHANGLA Roll No Slip Download
DC-MARDAN Roll No Slip Download
DC-BATTAGRAM  Roll No Slip Download
DC-LAKKI MARWAT Roll No Slip Download

The roll number slip test date for the Deputy Commissioner DC positions 2023 writing exam can access online at ETEA’s website which is right below this article. Download the ETEA No Slip for DC Jobs 2023 ETEA Online. The Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) is looking to hire Deputy Commissioners DC for the year 2023. Examiners from Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) are conducting this year’s DC 2023 Deputy Commissioner test, and you can get your ETEA roll no slip by name here.

How to Download ETEA TEST Roll No Slip:

  1. Roll number slips can do pick up at the receptive home address.
  2. Candidates can also print out their registration slips from the ETEA online portal.
  3. Obtaining roll number slips can done as the following steps
  4. CNIC numbers must be entered on the official ETEA website, which is located at
  5. If applicants get their roll number slips previous to one week before the test.
  6. Please bring a copy of your personal information to the ETEA service desk if needed.
  7. Using their CNIC number, students can access their exam center and roll number slips online.
  8. Also, candidates have the option of printing their own roll number slips. Press (ctrl+p) to print out the ETEA Jobs Test Roll No Slip from the print menu.
  9. If a candidate’s application form does not contain a picture of the candidate, the ETEA roll number slip must include the photo. result 2023 by name roll no

Deputy Commissioner Mansehra ETEA Deputy Commissioner Jobs 2023 the internet link to get a student’s written exam roll number slip.  All qualified applicants are eligible to apply for the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency ETEA test roll no slip. If you want to take the exam, you must have your roll number slip with you. You will not be able to do so without it. The ETEA Roll No Slip for the Deputy Commissioner DC Mansehra jobs 2023 ETEA can be downloaded by all qualifying candidates using their name and CNIC at the same time.

ETEA Roll No Slip DC Mansehra Jobs 2023

Deputy Commissioner DC Mansehra Jobs 2023 ETEA Roll No Slip Download ETEA A roll no slip and a result for Deputy Commissioner DC Mansehra Jobs ETEA Roll No Slip are currently available, according to the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA).


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