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Are you looking for AG Sindh Pay Slip 2023 Online? AG Sindh Epayroll – E pay slip system Able to work Good. Ag Sindh E-Pay Slip system is working smoothly and no difficulty or server outage reported. The workers are getting their payslips- payrolls pretty quickly. The interface of the AG Sindh website is appealing and everything is neatly maintained. The Pay Slip Link is offered on the right side of the website and when you click the page to LOG In opens. Online salary slip download here.

AG Sindh Pay Slip Download Online

In order to see your pay slip, you must first log in to ag Sindh’s e-payslip service, which is located below on the website. Make sure you don’t forget your password after entering your personal number. Read more for AG Sindh Online Payslip Login.

FAQ – AG Sindh

An attested statement of credits (signed by DDO) is needed, as well as the attested photocopies.

How to Check Pension Slip Online?

You can check the method below that how you can check the Pension slips Online. Read more if you are searching for some of the content that is mentioned in a list.

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Ag Sindh Pay Slip Login Guide

Login Requirements for Ag Sindh Pay Slip

  • is the login URL for the Ag Sindh pay slip
  • A valid Username and Password are required for Ag Sindh pay slip login, however, you could also be required to provide an email address or username.
  • You can access Ag Sindh Pay Slip Login official website using a suitable browser.
  • Decent internet access on a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet

How can I check my pay slip online?

Simply you have to log in to Sindh E-Payslip services which is right below this post .So after providing your personal Number try to don’t loose your password. For Check Pay Slip online and How do I download my payslip onlinekeep Reading this post.

Ag Sindh Pay Slip Login Tips

To ensure a successful login, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • In order to avoid any login issues, make sure to connect to a stable internet connection.
  • Enter the proper login information in each of the sections.
  • The “Forgot Password” link will take you to a page where you may reset your password if you still can’t log in.

Email Registration for PaySlip – EmployeesPortal

Ag sindh pay slip online registration has been started.2019 in connection with Email registration solution for PaySlip. Email ID of each and every employee of the Government of Sindh drawing pay via payroll might well be created and used by the Office of the Accountant General Sindh.

Official Web Portal of Sindh Government

SPPRA Rules 2010; Sindh Government Rules of Business 1986; Sindh Local Government Act 2013 Final Bidding Documents for Works (Amended 2013) More Rules: Chief Secretary’s Notification of PPRA, 2009 Sindh Public Procurement Act, Pakistani Ministry of Science and Technology’s IT Policy and Action Plan

What is current pay slip?

Kindly Add into your bookmark for up to date about AG Sindh Karachi, Sindh education and  Literacy Department Notification, and Sindh Education Notification 2023

Employee Salary Slip

PIFRA receives all information from the Sindh finance department through the website in order to prepare and send the online salary slips to the Sindh AG office. Also read about AG Sindh Personal ID, Accountant General Sindh Notification, and Much more updates on

Sindh Police Salary Slip Online

To see your pay slip, you will be required to register for ag Sindh’s e-payslip service, which can be found at the bottom of the website. If you provide your personal number, be sure not to forget the related password. Your DDO can forward your application to the DAO/AG Sindh in the standard Kindly prepare format well before you are eligible to receive compensation.

How can I get my salary slip online in Sindh?

On, you can download your salary slip right now or fill out a payslip registration form and get your monthly salary slip in the mail. The DDO budget spending and bill status can access in addition to the pay stub registration.



Employees of the Sindh AG Staff and Officers’ Appointment, Promotion, and Grade Selection. Making a seniority list of employees and officers. 3. Any and all instances of an AAO that do not include pensions. Staffing up to B-16 and a final payment of the Gazetted Officers was approved by the G P Fund. Cases involving Association. Cashier’s Office pay slip

You can get all the information about the related Topic through our Site Don’t forget to add in your bookmark for upcoming updates

Accountant General Sindh Official Website

Last Look Offering Papers, SPPRA Rules of 2010, Sindh Local Authority Act of 2013, and Sindh Government Rules of Business 1986 (Amended 2013) additional restrictions IT Policy and Action Plan of Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology PPRA Notification of the Chief Secretary, 2009 Sindh Public Procurement Act

New Email Solution for Pay Slips Sindh Govt Employees

On October 11, 2019, the Office of the Accountant General Sindh announced a new Email Pay Slip Solution for Sindh Government Employees. The following are the details: Sindh workers may now get their online pay stubs through email. The Accountant General Sindh’s office is working hard to aid Sindh’s government employees.

How do I check my payroll payslip?

Your manager will pay you a pay slip via email or print it out for you. You can also see a copy of an employee’s pay slip on the corporate intranet. Your salary and deductions will appear on your pay slip.

How can I register for salary slip online?

Visit to fill out an online registration form. Web page for registering for a pay slip. Get in touch with us here. Please choose Payslip/Pension Slip from the drop-down menu. Take a moment to fill out the registration form. You’ll need to provide the government code, as well as your employee number and your CNIC number. Is This Registration for Teachers Effective

Where do I find my employee number on my payslip?

How to locate a payroll identification number?   In most cases, a payroll number can be located at the top of a paystub, next to the name of the employee. The number may look like this: 0123456. The format varies from business to company.

Where is pin on payslip?

At the bottom of your payslip, you will find a PIN number that you can use to sign up for online payslips.

How to Ag Sindh Pay Slip Login Step-by-Step Guide

 1: Go to the ag Sindh pay slip login page provided above using your computer browser.

2: “Login” pop-up is present at the top-right of the page, so look for it and click on it.

 3: You’ll be asked for your Username and Password on the next page.

4:Once you’ve provided the right login information, all you have to do is press the “Login” button.

Forgot my ag sindh pay slip login password

Forgot your password to connect to Pay Slip? 

Step 1: The login page for the AG Pay Slip is available here.

  • Firstly, Here is the link to the AG Pay Slip login page..
  • Secondly, Submit your email address by clicking the “Submit” button.
  • Thirdly, login will provide you with more information on how to reset your password through email.
  • Finally, Simply follow the on-screen directions to complete the password reset process.

AG Sindh Contact Number

Name Desig Tel (Dir)
Asghar Ali Mahr Addl A.G. 9260110
Tanveer Ahmed DAG (Sr.) & DAG (C&P) 9260038
Samia Akram DAG (A/cs) 9260386
Muhammad Imran DAG (F&P) 9260304

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